Positivity Trail

Set of 20 Positive Affirmation Coloring Pages

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This Set of 20 Positive Affirmation Coloring Pages is Awesome!!!

This is a digital download, so you can print them out at home and color them in as many times as you would like.

Here is the list of Positive Affirmations:

  1. I Observe My Thoughts And Actions Without Judging Them
  2. I Participate Fully In All My Relationships
  3. I Make Even Everyday Events Memorable, Happy Occasions
  4. I Accept And Embrace All Experiences, Even Unpleasant Ones
  5. I Am At Peace With My Past, Present, And Future
  6. I Have A Profound Impact On This World
  7. I Choose To Live An Inspired Life
  8. A New Sense Of Purpose Infuses My Being
  9. I Believe In My Ability To Change The World With What I Do
  10. I Make A Profound Difference In This World
  11. I Am A Gift To This World
  12. My Enthusiasm About My Life Is Contagious
  13. My Intuition And Wisdom Guide Me In The Right Direction
  14. I Draw From My Inner Strength And Light
  15. I Live In The Present And Am Confident Of The Future
  16. As I Live My True Purpose, Joy And Contentment Fill My Life
  17. I Build My Life’s Foundation And Choose It’s Contents
  18. I Rest Peacefully And Soundly, Knowing All Is Well In My World
  19. I Am Focused And Engaged In The Current Task
  20. I Choose Not To Compare Myself With Others Because We Are All Different

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